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For those of you who grew up with us, right down the street from where we are now, our home was always open, dinner was always a time to invite others, to celebrate, to share, to gather. From themed weekly Sunday neighborhood family dinners, Wednesday night dinners after basketball at the church, countless birthday parties, holidays and of course the table manner lessons that went with it, we will just say no elbows were rested on our table

As we got older and busier, it continued in different ways, Mom bringing meals to be enjoyed at the field after our sporting events, breakfast sandwiches for friends to eat before school, the lunches (oh the lunches we would have to bring to high school for teachers and students), friends would stop over and check in the kitchen before anything else. The kitchen was truly the heart of our home.

The Family Table

Many of you know the “story of us” and how it all began up here on the hill, the story of the large barn table in the parlor room, where for years family, friends, and new friends stopped in for coffee and breakfast.

A time before we even had a menu, you came, you enjoyed coffee and anything “Mom” was serving that day. Many of you became family over those mornings, Barbara & Charlie were always there to offer a hello and some may say to hold court, other family members were in and out depending on the morning and a sense of community developed, a sense of “home” by gathering at our Family Table.

During this temporary closure we have spent time reflecting on what is it that brought us on this journey and it is our love of The Family Table. The idea that sharing a meal with friends new and old can warm your soul and bring a smile to your face.

As we anxiously await a time where it is safe to welcome you all back into our “home” and to sit at our Family Table, it is with excitement that we announce we are planning to begin to sell prepared meals and produce with curbside pick up!

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